Want to Save Money? Here’s Why You Should Visit Your Dentist

October 12, 2022

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Dentist smiling at patient during dental checkup

With the holidays rapidly approaching, this is about the time of year when people start to feel a pinch in their wallets. Naturally, your first response may be to cancel all of your appointments, including your upcoming dental checkup. Don’t! Visiting your dentist can actually save you money in both the short and long term. Here’s how!

#1. Catch Gum Disease Early

With roughly 50% of American adults developing gum disease, it’s safe to say that this oral health condition is a prevalent concern. That’s why your dentist dedicates a portion of their exam to taking a look at your gums, looking for inflammation, plaque buildup, and infection along the way. If they catch the warning signs in the early stages, the treatment could be as simple as implementing a solid at-home oral hygiene regimen. If left alone to progress, however, more extensive solutions, like root scaling and planing, are required.

#2. Detect Oral Cancer in the Early Stages

This year alone, experts estimate that roughly 54,000 cases of oral cancer will be diagnosed. Since the symptoms (like white patches along the floor of your mouth) can fly under the radar for months or years at a time, it’s important not to skip your biannual checkups. These appointments allow your dental team to periodically scan your mouth for symptoms. If they do see anything concerning, they can work with your primary care physician to figure out the best treatment plan.

#3. Prevent Decay

Even small cavities can take a toll on your quality of life, making chewing without pain and smiling confidently difficult. Since dental problems like tooth decay don’t heal on their own, it’s of the utmost importance that your dentist catches it and treats it right away. If that doesn’t happen, you might end up needing a root canal or extraction instead of a filling.

Bonus Reason: Utilize Your Remaining Dental Insurance Benefits

Did you know that many dental insurance plans reset on January 1st? That means you only have a few weeks left to utilize your remaining benefits. If you don’t, you’ll end up leaving hundreds or thousands of valuable dollars on the table at the end of the year. Don’t worry – your dentist can help prevent that from happening. Plus, if you are currently uninsured, they can review your other financial solutions, like flexible financing.

While canceling your dental appointment may make sense at first, it’s easy to see how it’s not the best decision for your smile or your wallet. So, make sure to visit your dentist before the end of the year!

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After volunteering with the Flying Doctor’s organization, Dr. Khorasani fell in love with dentistry. This newfound passion inspired him to obtain his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Dentistry. Since then, he has thoroughly enjoyed helping patients in and around Plano achieve their healthiest, happiest smiles – without breaking the bank too! To learn more about the benefits of visiting our team at Atlas Cosmetic & Family Dental of Plano and our financial solutions, get in touch with our team via our website or by phone at (469) 367-0266.

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